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    Bunks/skids spacing on double trailer

    hi all' im fixing up a double ski trailer, but it was originally for 2 blasters, and now im trying to fit to GPR hulls on it. my Q: is does anyone now how far to space skids apart from each set??? each set im gonna space 14'' apart.

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    From the center of one bunk set to the center of the second bunk set will be the same distance as the full width of one GPR, plus a couple of inches for clearance between the two hulls.

    If one GPR is 45.3 inches wide, then the center to center distance for the two bunk sets would be about 48".

    If a 14" bunk spacing fits the GPR hull bottoms, then the distance from the center of one inner bunk to the other inner bunk would be 48" - 14" = 34"

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    cool, thanks for the info K447

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