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    6 more weeks?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    I just talked with Lowell tonight and he told me that it could be 6 more weeks before I see my engine???

    That's a total of 9-10 weeks He said he's going to try and get it to me by the end of the month. If not I have ot cancle my trip to Shasta.

    Man, I would have waited another year to do the work if I had known it would be over two months! The wife only gets two weeks and this is one of them.

    I'm very bumbed!!!

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    That sucks!!

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    Sorry to hear that man.

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    Scott remember a few of us telling you that it was going to be much longer than you thought?? And you got all upset and said quality work takes lots of time???

    Well, Quality work takes time.

    It's ok, i am not right a lot of the times, but i like to rub it in when i am!! LOL

    Totally just messing with you- Give me a call Scott.

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    Yes, BUT it's been 3 weeks already and now it's 6 more??? My ONLY point is don't tell someone something and then do another! I STILL want quality and don't want to rush him...

    But we planned our vacation around getting my ski back to gether and that was based on a phone call with him not to long ago.

    The wife is not happy about lossing one of her two weeks. She can't reschule so we're stuck.

    That's all I was saying.

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    I have an idea, but you need to call him and ask...

    If your stuff has not been worked on yet, you should call him, box up your stuff, pay for him to send your stuff back, and reschedule with Lowell when it is more time friendly. Make sure it is in usable condition, and isn't waiting for plating or something like that.

    Vacations and time spent with family are way more important. You could get it all done afterwards, saving both a vacation, AND getting your work done right.

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