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    05 r-12x aquatrax

    just a question? Can i still ride my ski if I the maintanence joint hoses ar not connected? Just wondering because i was spraying crc 65-6 and the metal cylinder that connects the hoses together fell down in to the bottom of the ski, I cant seem to find it.

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    No, air will bleed into the inlet tract through those hoses because they bypass the throttle butterflys. This will cause a lean condition which the ECM will attempt to rectify, but you're ski will idle very higher and you run the risk of engine damage if the ECU can't richen the mixture up enough... although, it should throw a code and go into limp mode in that situation.

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    Of course you can but I wouldn't recommend it. I rode with mine apart for about 4 hours with it disconnected, cost about 200 RPM on top, but I didn't notice anything else wrong.

    I don't think the volume of air that can be sucked in through those hoses is enough to make much of a difference, and once the engine is under boost, it will just bleed some boost off and shouldn't hurt anything.

    I would go to an auto parts store and get a vacume hose connector to connect the hoses until you can get a new maintainance joint or retrieve your dropped part.

    btw, if the part made it to the bottom of the hull, try lifting the bow as high as you can (assuming the PWC is on a trailer) and see if you can get it with your fingers at under the back of the engine.

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    loosing parts at the bottom of the engine bay sucks! I lost a small plastic screw..... so it was nothing but impossible to get. Yea, get that fixed.

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