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    FS: Polaris snowmobile located in CT $500

    A colleague of mine is selling it. Its a late 90s model Polaris and 800ccs if I remember correctly. I dont remember all of the details and I dont know much about snowmobiles. PM me and Ill put you in touch with him.
    He says it needs a new fuel pump. Hes asking $500

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    He lives in Southbury Ct

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    I'm interested.. Is it beat to hell to just need a little work? I'll send you a pm with my info

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    Hes an older guy and not a kid. Its definitely not beat to hell. In fact, hes the tech-ed teacher at the high school I work at and hes been there for 20+ years- so he knows his stuff. Its been sitting for a few years now. He says it only needs a fuel pump. He has a house in Maine and bought it because it was an easy fix and he planned to bring it up there. Then, I think he decided he didnt want to bother. We talked briefly about it a couple of weeks ago. He told me it was getting spark but would not start and it did seem to me to be a fuel issue. I do not remember all of the details of the conversation so youll have to ask him. I would venture to say that its worth more than $500 in parts.

    Here is his email for anyone who wants it. His name is Paul

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    any snowmobile in running condition for that year(s)is well worth $500

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    Here are pics. He sent them to me today. Its 700 obviously, not 800cc

    All I know about it is that its a late 90s model and it needs a fuel pump. It hasnt been used in a few years and its had a recent rebuild.

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    He said today he will trade for a running standup.

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    I dont know if anyone is/was interested in this.. but as an update there was nothing ever wrong with it. He sprayed some starting fluid in it and it fired right up. Originally, he thought it had some fuel problems because it wouldnt start.. but it was just the result of sitting. it runs fine. Hes not going to take 500 now.. but hes still thinking about selling. Anyone who wants a good snowmobile should contact him. I dont know anything about these things but he says this was one of the best ones of its era....

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