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    Any Winemakers on the board??

    Just curious if any of you are into making your own wine/beer?
    I just tapped off a 5 gallon batch of Mead that I had working since the first of the year. If you have never tried any Mead,you need to do so. It is the oldest documented,fermented drink known to man. Nectar of the Gods. It has been dated as far back as Biblical times. It is believed that when Jesus turned the water to wine,he made Mead. Very basic and very simple to make,all you need is, Honey,Water and Yeast. This batch topped out at 15%! It has a pretty good kick to it,but I made it heavy on the honey because I like my wine sweet and not so dry. Can you say SMOOOOOOTH?

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    So what is the recipe and process

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    Mixture depends on how sweet or dry you want it to end up. I used about 1 gallon of honey to 4 gallons of distilled water. Heat the water up to make it easier to mix in the honey. Let the water/honey mixture cool before throwing the yeast.This mixture is also known as "must".
    The yeast I use is Lalvin K1-V1116. I use 1,5 g packet to a 5 gallon batch. You can also use a champagne yeast as well. Hydrate the yeast in WARM,not HOT water and let it set for about 10-20 minutes before you throw it in the must. I use a 1 qt jar,half full of water and a hose stuck in a rubber stopper in the 5 gallon carboy(jug) as an airlock.
    CLEANLINESS is very important. CLEAN everything before you begin. Once you have your rig set up,keep the carboy in a dark area of your house that will maintain at least 60-70 degrees. Any colder and it won't "work" and any warmer it will "work" to fast. Leave it alone for a couple of months,then,if you want to,tap it off the lee's(dead yeast) into another clean 5 gallon carboy and let it finish working and settle out. Once it is a "clear" golden color,it is ready to bottle.
    Another recipe I have used,replaces about 1/2 the honey, with pure Maple Syrup. That makes a very yummy Mead!
    Do a Google search on Mead recipes or.....
    Here are some interesting links.

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    I drink it but I don't make it.

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    Thanks for the info. The fact that it is sweet and smooth makes me want to try it out since I too don't like it dry. I'll have try to make it one of these days.

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