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    Anyone install an aftermarket fuel gauge?

    I'm so thoroughly unimpressed with the factory fuel gauge in my SHO that I'm considering adding an aftermarket gauge. I checked the SHO service manual and found that the factory fuel sender outputs 6 ohms when full and 135 ohms when empty. This is a non-standard output so it would require a programmable electronic gauge.

    This is one I found that seems like it might fit on the right side of the instrument cluster on my non-cruiser SHO:

    Just wondering if anyone else has installed a gauge or even just considered it? Thoughts?

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    i think every yamaha fuel sender is off. my gpr low fuel alarm starts going off with 6 gallons left

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    Not only that, but a few times I shut off the engine with a half tank and when I turn it on it shows 1/4. Maybe the best thing would be to also install an auxiliary sender in addition to the gauge.

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    If the Sho is like most Yami senders it uses a stepped float system so as the various floats come to rest on the way down they close the circuit and change resistance
    My xl's are like this also and I hate sweating the fuel level just to find I have 6 of 13 gallons left also

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