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Thread: Painting my ski

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    Painting my ski

    Do i need to add anything to the paint, or just good quality car paint?

    painting the fairings, and top desk. want to try to prevent chipping no matter the cost.

    ABBOTT you should be all over htis one.


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    i would use a 2 stage paint from a car paint supply. It will be tough to mix it perfectly but can be done and still look great. Be real careful not to overpaint and create runs, which is easy to do. Do you have the gun to do this kind of a job?

    Its great that you want to do it yourself, but if you compare the time and the $$$, you might find a good deal to have someone do it for you. Over time, mine has been pro-painted piece by piece and was well worth it with no headaches (except for the engine compartment which i did).

    What colors were you thinking about doing??? Hell, if you like to paint - i say go for it. I think it will turn out fine and 9 times out of ten, no one will ever know if you did it or if a pro did it.

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    "Good quality" car paint is up for a lot of interpretation. Good quality these days is to go with strictly urethane enamel, the acrylic urethanes are the easiest to work with and give excellent results. Use a 2 stage basecoat/clearcoat system from a major player in market like BASF, PPG, Sikkens, etc.. I would recommend going to a professional auto body shop that is familiar with this type of job. These paints are dangerous for the inexperienced to use as they contain isocyanates that can seriously damage your health if you don't use the proper respirator equipment.

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    I used a 2 stage paint for the base, sanded the clear after it dried, laid the flames and re-cleared the whole thing. Paint was Imperial orange pearl metallic and it is a PPG product. Been almost a year and no problems.

    Hope this helps somehow.

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    You did an awesome Job Alex

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    I'm a auto painter for a local Ford/ Nissan dealership. I mainly spray dupont. A little flex additive added to your clear coat is suppose to help with chipping. I use this on bumpers because they flex and get hit by road debris, helps the paint from cracking.

    Make sure you sand it shinny spots showing. I would go ahead and sand it with 400 to 600 grit. Of course clean it with a good wax/grease remover. Then apply a sealer, then your base/clear coat.

    Dupont makes a high solids scratch resistant clear coat. I'm sure other companies have this too. I have not tried it yet, but if I was spraying a ski this is what I'd use.

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    Alex_GPR- Thats a pretty color on your ski! I bet it looks awesome in person. I had a car in the shop this week that was close to that color. An '05 nissan sentra...factory color too. When I saw it....I said this would look great on a ski or bike.
    GM also has a similar color called Imperial Orange.

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    Hey Ronn, I didnt know you worked at Estabrook. I was at Turan Foley for the last 2 years. I have an 03 cobra only slitely modified Some of the guys and myself were talking about going riding in the next couple of weeks. Ill give you a call.

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    I painted my base coat with Sherwin Williams Sunfire; I was told that is the same stuff stock boats are painted with. It came out bright white and hard as a rock. The House of Kolor stuff the rest of it is painted with looks great, but it's not as durable. My next boat will be painted with the Sunfire, I'll come up with the purdy colors to mix it with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronn25
    An '05 nissan sentra...factory color too.
    Yep i believe that's the only car it came on. In the PPG book it's called Imperial orange pearl metallic.

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