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    interesting commercial...

    I wonder what the UAW thinks of the last coupla lines?

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    The UAW probably dosnt like it, but then lets look at how things are being ran here... If they are doing things right then how come they are needing bailed out? Maybe some new blood and fresh ideas would get the american car builders back on their feet.

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    Who said they're being ran right...right now?

    Nobody...even the UAW...would say that.

    The part of this entire...bailout fiasco...for anyone in line at the trough or those who've had their fill...

    What the fuck kinda information were those idiots looking at, that told them their business plan was viable?

    After that question is answered to my satisfaction I wanna know why it's my responsibility to foot the bill for their fucking up?

    Nobody bailed my ass outa the fire when I found myself in more hot water than I could handle.

    It was sink or swim.

    Is that too good for them?

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