X-MAS PRESENT from R5WaterXRacing...READ ON!!


R5WaterXRacing,LLC is VERY pleased and excited to announce that "Flyin" Brian Smith & Jennifer Jeter, promoters of R5WaterXRacing,LLC are giving the PWC community and Racers a little bit of an EARLY X-Mas Present this year!!
R5WaterXRacing is PROUD to announce the unveiling of the NEW and IMPROVED R5WX website www.r5waterxracing.com!

This improved website has some new features but an ENTIRELY NEW look & NEW MUSIC! It is ALOT more user friendly and is now capable of being found on ANY & ALL search engines where as before it was not able to be found due to it being a Flash site. That is ALL behind us now as we have come to an agreement with our server to take the next step and have these capabilities!

We had intentions on launching the site on Jan 1st 2009 at midnight, but thought it would be a great X-Mas Present to all of our R5 racers as well as the rest of the PWC community! We will soon also have the capabilities of a webcam so we can weekly update videos for all to watch on our website. We will also hook up the webcam on our weekly Internet radio show The R5 LiQuId SPEED Show on www.81xrocks.com on Tuesday nights at 8pm CST!

We will also be adding videos to be watched from time to time! SO IF YOU HAVE any videos you would like to add email them to us and we will try to get them published! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE FROM R5 to submit YOUR videos!

Please join us on our website and check it out and tell us what you think!

Thanks to all of our Racers, Sponsors, and Friends for a GREAT 2008 season & Support as we are looking forward to a BIGGER & BETTER 2009!

Thank You & Merry Christmas!!

"Flyin" Brian Smith
Jennifer Jeter