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    Boyesen SkiDoo Reed Petals on SeaDoo Cages

    wondering if anyone ever used Boeysen SkiDoo reed petals on stock seadoo cages. Boyesen doesn't make petals for seadoo, but a lot of the carbon tech reeds cross over from skidoo to seadoo. looks like the Boyesen 557 petals fit 951 stock cages. anyone ever try???

    wayniac - you know??

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    Don't you already have a really nice set of reeds and cages, or am i thinking of someone else?

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    yea, i got a M-16 set up for the 951. want to buy it?? also have renaldi and vForce.

    rebuilding carbs for someone, he needs reeds but like most of us is a cheap bastard. i hate using carbon tech petals for gas n go folks, stock petals cost me 100 bucks delivered, wondering if any of the ski-doo folks have tried boyesen.

    thus, the nice set of reeds i have become pointless to cheap bastards who want good reeds for 80 bucks or less.
    do you have a nice set of reeds???

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    I have a nice set of stockers.

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