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    Anyone tried Nitromethane/water or alcohol injection?

    I know, sounds crazy. But sure sounds like it would work.

    Some of the car hot rodders and racers that use a turbo, supercharger, or high compression are injecting a small amount of 50/50 mix nitro and water at WOT to temporarly increase octane and cool the intake gas down. Evidently where they were once using a lot of 115 - 120 octane race gas they can now use regular pump gas and a little nitro mix.
    I know that nitro/water was used in some of the later WWII fighter aircraft to boost performance so there must be something to it.
    For us Jetskiers I'm thinking that maybe this trick may give a performance advantage on those hot summer days, and having an extra octane buffer to stave off detonation might be kinda nice too. Sounds like it would be possible to run a higher compression GPR engine (140 - 160 psi) on 87 octane and still have protection against deto.

    Then again maybe I'm just thinking too hard.

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    It doesnt quite work like that. I deal with meth injection all day. Alot of people use it on turbo or supercharged cars. It cools down the air charge before it enters the motor. But you HAVE to use suck high of timming to get the engine to burn the mixture. Yes it does work, but the risk is not worth it in my opinion. At the shop I work at, we deal with mustangs and camaros. On a supercharged 2003 mustang cobra. The max timming you want to run is around 21 deg. If you use water/meth. You have to raise the timming to around 26 or more. Then if by some chance the water/meth tank ever runs out. Well you get the picture. I guess what Im trying to say is that I dont know if it would do us much good.

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    This reminds me of hooking a water injection onto my old 72 cutlass air cleaner. Was a hop-up in CAR CRAFT way back on drilling a hole into your air cleaner,installing a windshield wiper nozzel and a seperate pump/ bottle/button unit .Then you could crank your timeing up!! when she pinged you gave it a shot of water to help detonation.
    In the day it was CL
    I ended up taking it off and installing the distributer advance spring kit instead as i always ran it out of water

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    Nitromethane and gasoline do not mix, so I cannot see how it would be of benefit in our skis.

    Here's a good read on nitro from one of the experts:

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