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    Kawasaki 750SXI Vilder Pro Ignition - Purple CDI

    Bought this from a friend two years ago with the intent of putting it on my ski, Instead it has been sitting in its cozy little box for two years. Ugh impluse buys....

    So within those two years I purchased a Jeep and a Street bike which get used quite a bit more then this Ignition and both of them need unlimited funding.

    The pictures are posted in an album in my profile listed Random stuff for sale.

    Im looking to get anywhere from $550 but feel free to give me an offer if you are interested and ill work with you.

    Includes everything you need to plug in and go, with CD.

    Also, if you see anything else you might want in the other pictures everything needs to go so give me offers.
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    Is anyone interested in it? Ill be willing to let it go for $400.

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    Or best offer?

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    Willing to let it go for $350.

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