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Thread: Trim on a VX?

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    Trim on a VX?

    Does any one know if is possible to put trim on a VX, I've made some googleing... but I don't find anything, also in the forum I don't find nothing.

    I know that I need to buy some part's, by see the part's manual from FX and VX both pump are similar, (the VX also as the hole from the trim closed, I think that they used the back pump from FX e then make a new nozzel and reverse suport) also both use the same Ř impeler 155mm

    Did you think that the front part of the FX pump will fit on the VX?

    This is my first 4 stroker, I had a seadoo HX a a yamaha XLT, and both had trim and I don't understand with yamaha don't put trim on the VX, the bow sucks to much...

    Sorry for some mistakes on the english :P

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    Does anyone know if the nozzle from the FX HO will fit on the VX?
    Looks like nobody had made this mod, it will worth the time and money?

    Also reagardin moding the VX does anyone had put the exhaust 4-2-1 from the FX HO (200 into the VX (it was a 4-1).

    I think that the VX is a great entry PWC but I it need more 20 to 30 hp, to make this little machine great.

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    As far as i can tell, the VX pump look's the same as the FX, GPR's etc. Maybe you'll have to just check the exit noozle diameter for sthe correct size.

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    bruno - Can you post a pic or measurements of your Steering nozzle ?

    I have a couple on the workbench so it would be easy to compare. If the nozzle bolts up the same then you can add a trim ring and be all set.

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    Thanks for you help, this weekend I wil measure the holes from the nozzel and then post a drawing with some dimensions.

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    OD on the trim ring is 123 mm and the Sttering nozzle is 143mm

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