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    1994 Kawasaki 550sx with trailer $700

    I have a bonestock 1994 550sx in pristine condition. This thing is CLEAN. Looks like it was hardly used. You'd be hardpressed to find something this clean. Comes with a trailer but the front beam is bent. Still trailerable though, I tow it on the highway just fine. pics in a bit. Come and get her, can't beat this deal. Call (703) 986-4996 in interested or just post here.

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    Location and pics? Very interested if you still have it.

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    lets see some pics

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    Looks like it's in DC from the area code. 94 was a cool looking ski.

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    His zip is Va. Hes obviously not motivated to sell it because he posted two months ago and there are no pics or responses since..

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