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    1500 for an ebay 1200pv

    I picked up a used 1200 pv to put in an xlt. they said it had 48 hours out of a wrecked ski. what they did not tell me is that the cases had been welded, there is a lot of clearance between the piston and the cylinder, one of the head cover bolts was broken off, the head was pitted bad in two cylinders from a previous blow up, one of the anodes was missing and the carbs have some salt corrosion. the crank seems to be ok the reed cages have what looks to be rust on them. this is the last time I try this on ebay

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    is that the one that looked like it was from a xr1800?

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    Did you use paypal? file a claim.

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    yes I used pay pal and a credit card (company card) it is just such a pain in the rear. I wish people would honestly describe what they are selling. I was looking at piston sizes I noticed there were two As and one B. the plating on these cylinders looks good can I dress them and use a larger piston?

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    No. the cylinders are nikisil. There is normally a fair amount of clearance on this pistons. I wouldn't touch it. Fix the obvious problems and give it a shot. Verify the case welds are good, and maybe even put some extra epoxy over the area.

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    I have aready done a charge back. It is that I was lied too as much as the money. I will loose 300 in shipping but these people said it was out of a wrecked ski with 48 hrs on it. I plan on riding this ski long distance and do not want it to break in the middle of nowhere. My last ride was 350 miles from columbus ga to panama city beach fla. and if it breaks than 300 bucks is nothing. did i mention one of the powervalves was misssing a pin. Last year I did the top end on a 1200 that had 120hrs and it was in much better shape. I will have to start from scratch and take some time to find the parts. I got in a hurry and I though I found and easy way out. also someone knocked the cat converter back down into the pipe it is wedged in sideways.

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    Good. Shove it right back up their a$$!

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    I just wish the people would have been honest. the head was shot from previous piston damage and the clearance between the piston and cylinder wall was around 0.223 mm

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