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    xl hull

    hey guys i'm building a ski that will hook up and i've got my hands a 800xl hull so i'm now wondering what the differences are between the 800xl hull and the 1200xl hulls?

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    the 2000 1200 ltd and 2001 up 1200 xlt hulls are the same as the 800 xl I think except for color choices and engine position , but the mounts are in it for both motors

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    what about pumps?

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    pumps should be the same but the impeller will vary

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    The engine mounts are not it both. Trust me I investigated this one as i have an 800 and want to put the 1200 engine in mine. Dont ask me why but the 800 has the center mount holes for the 1200's engine pad but NOT forward engine mounting points....

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    thats goofy! how hard is adding a mount?

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    Tell me about it, why add one part and not the other. I am gonna wait and eventualy put a sho engine in when the used market picks up next summer. I will have to cut the rails like the seapoo conversions and slide the mounts down.

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    ok guys i done measurements and the 800 is smaller

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