Valve Cover Block-Off Kit

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007
Part #- RK19090-VCB $39.95

This is a super simple and basic part to install. Donít expect a performance gain unless your running the Riva Free Flow Exhaust.
Some explanation is in order as to how this modification came about.
Back some time ago I had an issue just after installing the Free Flow Exhaust. My valve cover ventilators started back flowing into the stock air intake system. Killing my fresh air intake and choking my motor. See articleÖ
Once reinstalling the stock exhaust, the problem was fixed but then when installing the Riva Exhaust mod the problem returned. I or Riva donít know why.
Talking with a Riva Tech Rep about my issue I found no help as they have not had that problem. Fair enough, cant help with something they dont know of. To this day they say they have had only two reported issues with the ventilators. RIVA Forum.
I told Riva what I had to do to fix the issue I was having several months ago and before the R-Rated fix was available for sale. Though several told me I was doing a bad thing I continued with the fix with no problems. Still to this day I can not find a reason for the melting T connections other then it only happens to some motors running exhaust modifications with stock air box. Iíve been contacted by 8 different people about this. Several have used the valve block offs with great success.
So in short this modification is a good idea if your running any kind of exhaust modification. Riva was smart to offer this product and should suggest it to any one purchasing the exhaust kit from them.
As best as I can find is that any exhuast mod lowers the back pressure which aids in shutting the reed style valve in the ventilators so any modified exhuast will interupt the function of the reeds.