RIVA Sponsons.

Friday, March 30th, 2007
Riva Sponsons Kit 250X $389.95
Newest part for the 250X is the Riva Sponsons.
The new sponsons allow for 12 different locations of mounting them. This gives me 12 ways to tune my boats handling to my own liking. Nice because in the past I have had only 6 with older Beach House sponsons.
The backing is shorter and not as thick as the stock units.

Also I noticed the stock sponsons have a step in as the Riva ones do not. Look closely at the stock sponsons at the downward angle the rear has. Iím confused about the stock sponsons, first it seems that the front part offers nose lifting ability but the rear of it seems to aid in pushing down the nose. Well I donít know enough about this to even worry so off in the attic they go and on with the Riva ones.

Here are the back side to them.

Assembly is so simple. Could do a write-up by why, when the instructions are so simple. I opted to use Red Loc-Tite on the backing plate bolts but this is because I plan on keeping them in place for a long time. Ive heard that using red could lock the bolt into the hull inserts and causing them to turn along with the bolt when trying to remove them later. I also opted to use no thread locker on the paddle bolts until I have tested all positions. Once I find the sweet spot then I will use Loc-Tite to ensure the bolts donít back out of the paddle.

Finished. Now all you need to figure out on your own is how you want to set them for your style of ridding. As I ride more then Ill update this posting.

Practice Race at St. Pete BeachÖ.
WOW these things will make this monster rail. Taking turns are now vary much a serious business. Putting mine down I was able to turn in wash and smooth conditions. Vary impressive. As the photo shows in surf condition the boat turn well and even caught me off guard. Boat turned but I did not follow with it. My lazy days of riding have just been given notice. Time to get serious, the sponsons have now given the handling a competitive edge for racing Closed Coarse.

After taking this salt water bath, I decided to try more settings. Moving them up and down, forward and back, all showed different effects that to me was not what I was looking for. Seemed to turn tighter the further back I went. Down positions digged harder making for fast unexpected turning and slowed down the boat. Up and forward started making the boat ride as if stock.Talking with Riva as to how they set theirs and found a great setting.
This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized %1%2 and weights %3.
A = 1.25 inch aprox.
B = o.5 inch aprox.
C = 5.25 inch aprox.
This setting to me was by far the best. I noticed no speed loss and major improvements in turning with out excessive digging or gripping. Gripping in my explanation is turning smooth then have a hard unexpected whip around effect. Its this gripping that always throws me. Still it will be completely up to you as to were you like your sponsons set. Adjusting may take several different outing to get them to your own liking.