Ultra 250 Pump Shoe Seal Kit

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007
R&D SEAL KIT Pt. # 161-25000 $69.95
This Modification should NOT void your warranty.
This is a simply item to install. This kit seals up the area between the intake grate and pump shoe, which will help reduce cavitation and increase pump performance. While we are installing Seal Kit we will also be removing the entire pump. I chose to completely clean and replace the factory silicone during the Kit install.
If you have had a chance to look under a new 250X you will see alot of extra and poorly placed silicone.
First step I took was to remove the ride plate.

Then remove the Intake grate. You might need to pry this one off. Only use the joint between the grate and pump shoe to gently pry apart the two.

I then removed the pump.

I carefully cleaned the pump vein seal and the seat it sits in. Using a mild degreaser to remove the factory grease. It this grease that some have blamed cavitation on. Looking at mine it was evident that my seal had been leaking. Sand was on several part of the seal. See diagram with green highlighted parts for reference.
Also take the time to inspect your prop and pump case. Standard size is 155 mm but can be up to 156 mm due to wear. Aslo take the time to check clearance from the prop blade to the pump ring with a feeler gauge. You should not have anymore than 0.15 mm to 0.3 mm.
Using a a cheap skinny razor knife I trimmed away all excess silicone from intake and around the pump section.

This is what I collect from my clean up….

After you have completely cleaned the old silicone off your ski pump then install the Seal Kit.

Follow the instruction R&D has given you. USE BLUE LOC-TITE. Bolts that come loose can be sucked into the pump causing damage. Follow the torque values below under KAWASAKI Graphs.
Reinstalling the pump I used Windex to lubricated the rubber seal. It makes the seal slide into the seat easily and will dry away leaving a solid seal. Important for avoiding cavitaion problem from this seal leaking air into the pump. I then reinstalled the grate and plate using BLUE LOC-TITE. Once all that was torque correctly, I went on to fill all the gaps with a smooth even bead of caulking. Make sure to clean off any access silicone.
Below are some chart to help with the disassemble and reassembly.

Blue circles show where rubber hoses are connected.
Green rings are the areas that need to be cleaned free of any grease.
Red circle are showing the bolts that need to be torqued down to 87 in-lb and total 6.
Pink circles are showing the ride plate bolts that need to be torque down to 69 in.lb and total 8.
Not marked are the 4 pump bolts that will need to be torqued to 27 ft-lb.
Please Refer to chapter 11 in your Ultra 250X Service Manuel.
Completely finished the bottom looks like this.