R&D PowerShot Installation.

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007
R&D Powershot $461.92
This new item for the 250X has been used on other watercraft models in the past. Now for the 250X it comes pre-programmed from R&D. This item has been tested for optimal performance and proper A.F.R. This unit is a plug-n-play addition to your motor.

Easy to install. The only hard part is getting the plug off the injectors.

I took my spark plug wires off to gain better access to the injector plugs.

R&D says its best to use a 90 degree pair of needle nose pliers. I used my hands and now understand the idea behind those pliers.
Using the supplied zip ties I secured the wire bundle so as no rubbing or interference to the motor.
Using the supplied Velcro I secure the programmer to a safe flat service. Easy to get to but defiantly in a dry spot.

Even though the Controller is programmed from R&D they have allowed it to be further altered for those running additional modification that may require a bit more fuel. Here is the default 250X Controller settings.