Quick Reset Mod.

Wednesday, March 14th, 2007
OK this is a simple modification that allows you to simple push a button to wake the ECU while in standby mode.
Warning this could void your warranty. REMEMBER TO DISCONNECT THE BATTERY.
Some information about the security feature of this ski.
Kawasaki issues two types of Keys with thisunit. One in orange will allow full performance of the unit. The other is a yellow key labeled SLO for limited performance of this unit. Also referred to as a learners key.
To start the unit you will need to insert the a key into the Immobilizer in the glove box. The Immobilizer is FOB activated and a small switch in the back of key hole is pushed when key is inserted. This reset switch is vital in telling the ECU that you want to start the ski. Once you here and audible beep the ski is ready to start by pushing the green start button on the handlebars.
If you hit the red stop button and shut down the ski, it will begin a count down to hibernate. If you reach that ECU hibernation point it will require you to reset the ECU by pushing on the key which hits the button in the key hole. No big deal right? WRONG it sucks opening the glove box every-time you wanna get going. Just doesínt look cool. What is cool is my push and go option.
What I opted to do was completely relocate the Imobilizer Switch and Key to under the hood and install a dash mounted push button.

How do ya do it? Simple. It is easier if you remove the steering to gain access to the under dash section that I mounted my button. I used a military grade waterproof switch. I ordered mine through Genelco Ind. 631.981.6670 Part# D1021-B5111-18 for $61.00.

Now its time to find the wires. You will need to locate the ECU and remove the entire mounting plate. Remove ECU and locate a white pluge with the color of RED, YELLOW, BLACK, GREEN, PURPLE and BLACK with YELLOW stripe. Once you find that plug you will want to snip the Bl/Yellow wire and the Purple wire. BE SURE TO LEAVE ROOM TO INSTALL CONNECTORS. Since I relocated my Immobilizer then I cut all wire then connected them back along with shrink tube.

This is where you will either T connect or direct connect to the these wires. I chose to direct connect as to avoid the reset being hit by objects in the hood area.

The range and green wire is going to my new dash button and have ignored the button wires to the Immobilizer. Please be sure to use a good glue lined heat shrink tubing.
Now put everything back together and try your new button. As long as the key is in then all youíll need to do is push the dash button and start your ski. No more going into your glove box exposing your wallet and keys.