Hey everyone!

Hopefully everyone that e-mailed me over the past few weeks and months is on the mailing list and receiving this. If you are not on the mailing list at this time and wish to be, contact me at northeastpwc@hotmail.com We're still on for Saturday April 22, 2006. We're riding the northern hudson with a pretty decent sized group of people. I've been doing my homework, getting feedback on what skis some of you own, plotting fuel stops, budgeting the time we have to reach our destination and return back home. I'll include everything I feel is necessary to the ride, and if i missed anything feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to find out the information for you.

2 Washington Street
Newburgh, NY
** It's right over the railroad tracks. Just mapquest this address and you can't miss it! FREE municipal launch with parking lot

Sat., April 22, 2006
Departing the launch ramp at 9:00 am SHARP (ie. get there early so you can gear up and launch your ski and socialize a little bit! I really hate to leave before people arrive, but we do have some water to cover before dark!)

ABOUT 190 miles of water to cover round trip. We'll go from Newburgh Launch ramp and continue north to Albany/Troy. We will be making fuel stops along the way obviously. Some of you own some nice economy models and can make it on 1 tank each way while others will need to stop at least once each way By now most of you should know the limits of your machine's fuel tank in MILES, not hours. If you are nervous about your fuel limitations, get a 5 gallon gas jug for 10 bucks at walmart and strap it on the back of the ski... I've done that a few times myself. If fuel is a big concern for you and your are unsure, send me a message back and I'll most likely have the answers or solution. The Musclecraft guzzlers like the RXP/RXTs will have no problem with fuel, so any other 4-stroke on the market is of no concern at all. You 2-strokers are all i worry about

Pack yourself a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Lunch Box. I know you all have one Or Barbie, whatever you're into. There's no food facilities available to us on the water this time of year nor on the time crunch we will be on. We will have plenty of time to stop, talk, pull ashore for some lunch and sandwhiches, so make sure you pack enough food and drink for a full day's riding! Fuel docks along the way will have restroom facilities. The water will be chilly so you might not be jumping in to relieve yourself, haha.

Water temps will approximately be in the low 50s at the most. Check the forecast for more info on the temps and whatnot. This ride is a more or less straight-line cruise, so I don't foresee any reason you'll be going for a swim or getting tossed. I HIGHLY recommend a full wetsuit. Peronsally, I pack a very wide variety of gear because the morning and late afternoon can get cold this time of year, and you just never know. Don't want to see anyone riding miserably cold. Sometimes waterproof nylon pants work great if you don't have a large PWC wardrobe. Skiing jackets, windbreakers, maybe a riding shoe for the extremities, gloves... Full wetsuits, drysuits, whatever you are into... just be prepared as a precaution. You can always take clothing off and throw it in storage. Obviously a PFD.

some of you are travelling longer distances and were interested in driving to newburgh the night before and getting a good night's sleep. There's a whole slew of hotels on Route 300 in Newburgh/ New Windsor. In the past, i've stayed at the Days Inn, but there are several others on that road all close together and near malls, restaurants,etc. It's about 5-10 minutes from the launch ramp, only 2 exits or so on Interstate 84.

Unfortunately due to unknown personal conflicts, I am not able to advertise my organized efforts on certain PWC message boards. Therefore, I've made www.greenhulk.net/forum the central means of communication for our organized rides since it's convenient for many of us on this site. If you register for the site and scroll to the bottom of the forum index, you will find an entire forum dedicated to "LOCAL RIDES." Look for me there, and you will be able to speak with all the others that plan on participating in this ride and future rides. You can get a feel for who else in your area will be going, and maybe make travel arrangements with people and meet some new PWC friends.

I will post updates on several message boards, but I sincerely regret that I am unable to reach every message board. If you see that I have not started a topic thread on a site that you frequent, feel free to post it and generate interest in the ride for me and refer them to my e-mail here at northeastpwc@hotmail.com and tell them about the greenhulk.net/forum message forum for the northeast rides.


I haven't the slightest clue! But, the feedback I have received is overwhelming, so I'm left to anticipate good things! However, I would appreciate that people give me a heads up if they definitely plan on showing up and how many skis will be accompanying them so that I can plan any last minute issues with a good attendance figure in mind.

This is a great opportunity for the new 2006 ski owners to break in their machines I look forward to a great turnout of riders for this event, and feel free to ask me any questions via e-mail or catch me on the PWC forums! Thanks!

Steve ~~ Shibby