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    I am in the process of setting up a dual battery set up in my speedster....any one have any opinion on what kind of battery isolator i should use...thank you
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    Put a two way switch a good marine one not the one for rv they rust .if you put a real isolator you gone a have a drop of about .5 to .7 volt all company claim o volt drop but in real world if you found one whitout let me know

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    Have a look at battery combiners, rather than isolators.

    Here are a couple of threads;
    Combiner for powering a heavy load AC inverter

    This thread includes links to West Marine brand combiners, and other related info (near the end of the post).

    A combiner is essentially a smart relay. When it is active, the two batteries are directly linked through the relay, so voltage loss is near zero.

    When the engine is not running, and the battery voltage drops below about 13 volts, the two batteries are electrically separated by the relay in the combiner.

    If you connect a battery charger, the voltage on one battery rises above the combiner trigger voltage, the combiner connects the two batteries together, and both get charged.

    The system is completely automatic - no switches to turn or remember to adjust to control battery charging, or discharging.

    More battery combiner info here

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    use a ACR from blue sea

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