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    question about 15f

    hey guys, new to this forum and am in the process of buying a 09 stx 15f. just wondering how it will go getting skiers and boarders up and out of the water and if it will have the top end for barefooting? its the cheapest in its hp range but just want to know it will do the job. also wot sort of top end speed can i expect in a lake/river environment. thanks

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    It will pull skiers no problem and im sure you could bare foot it too, top speed is 60-62.

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    A guy on a boat pulled up to me and asked if my 08 15F could pull out a skiier, I said yes and he was skeptical so I got three (3) of my friends who weigh 170, 210, & 190 lbs and three ski ropes and I pulled all three of them out of the whole at once with ease. I could have yanked the rope out of their hands if i wanted to.

    And my buddy has barefoot behind my ski quite a few times. 40-43 mph is the sweet spot. he usually starts out by sitting on a knee board feet-first and then stands up.

    It's a great ski. Totally reliable, good on fuel, and you can't beat the price.

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    thanks for that guys. sounds like it's the way to go for me

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    It will pull with no problem. My 05 was yankin out my buddies who weigh ~210 wakeboarding. Plus the driver along with a flag person. Should be no problem. Top speed is ~ 61-63, dont expect much more than that. ITs a GREAT reliable ski as well, and VERY fun. Holeshot is good as well. You cant go wrong with a 15F!

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    Ditto to all.
    15-F is a great towing machine, like diesel.

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    For the price I say it's one of the best skis!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RonJon View Post
    I could have yanked the rope out of their hands if i wanted to.
    I assure you there is NO stock jetski out there that will yank a ski rope out of the hands of a skier that knows what they are doing. There is probabaly NO jetski made that will yank a rope out of the hands of a skier that knows what they are doing.

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