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    are rebuilt cranks worth the money

    I picked up a 99 xlt 1200pv on a trade. I knew the engine was bad but.. it is really bad. busted cases bent rod blown cylinder. I want to rebuild and I am wondering should I find a completed motor or fix this one. If I fix this one should I buy a new crank or have it rebuilt. this was an sbt motor the #3 piston sized and the rest is broken parts.

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    I cant speak for rec use rebuild I know that nothing is better than new oem for high performance reliability. I guess it would depend on if ya are keeping or selling it?

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    I will keep it long enough to break it. I have teen age children. although at 18 and 210lbs is he a child? I like to do long distance cruise. last one was 350 miles from columbus ga to panama city fla. you want to make sure you get where you are going. New cranks are only a couple of hundred more. I new a tech who thought rebuilds were only good for 50 hrs but that was sea doo. I hope the yamaha is more dependable. this is my second 1200ov engine to build. the gpr survived the summer of children about 20hrs. I will have to get a new crank /

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    +1 on what Sheepness depends on how long you are going to keep it. It's always a good investment to get a good rebuilt or have yours rebuilt by a "reputable" crank specialist like Crankworks in Arizona...they are one of the best. Period.

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    ive seen sbt cranks go out on the 1st ride
    they replaced it but it was alot of work to swap out

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    Like everything else....there are good and bad. I've seen some factory cranks not last as long as a rebuilt. If it was mine...I'd probably have a reputable rebuilder like Crankworks, or Falicon rebuild it. Take some of the money difference and upgrade bearings or have it trued and welded while it's being rebuilt. JMO

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    Buy OEM brand new or get it rebuilt from Crankworks, RAD or Hotrods for rebuilt cranks.

    SBT 66V cranks use cheap bearings.

    see this thread


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    what should it cost to have a crank rebuilt?

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    go with a welded Hotrods , sending a crank out for a rebuild is about the same price as a new Hotrods crank! plus you can have it welded as an option

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