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    Any one used this?

    It just looks like a magnifying glass to put over screen. Wonder if any one knows about this.|240%3A1309

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    yea. The screen is the cheap part. My buddy has a home theater setup with a projector. most of the $$$ goes into buying the projector. If youve got the setup and space, its well worth it.

    I want to do it in my basement, but ive got a pool table ill need to get rid of first..

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    As stated, the Ultimate Cinema Kit includes a high quality projecting lens and simple instructions on how to utilize the lens. Thus, turning your existing TV or monitor into a front-end projector. (The Manual will be set on a CD format)
    Bend over

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    oh.. i didnt read it that carefully. I thought that it was just a screen that went on your wall.

    sounds like a gimmick.
    an actualy screen doesnt cost much. If you want to do it, do it the right way. most of your money will be in the projector like I said but it if you shop smart you can come out cheaper than buying a big plasma.

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