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    Setting my ski up with Rude

    I want a Rude or 2Rude charger, but have been procrastinating this because I am leery about doing this because I have been told I would need a RRFPR. With my current setup is this true? I have searched all the RRFPR and seems each setup needs something different. I donít know much about them nor do I have the AF bung or tester. Also seems that some use stock injectors and some use 50 to mate with Riva ECU and some with stock ECU still use 42 # injectors. I am so confused and have no idea where to begin. Can any one point me in the right direction of where to begin?

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    You wil need a rrfpr either way but the rest depends on if you go rude or 2 rude. If you go rude 1 the 42's and rrfpr will be fine but if you go 2 rude the 42's may not be enough. An a/f gauge is a must to dial it in correctly.
    Alot of people are in the same boat as you because they dont have or want to buy an A/f gauge but if you want to be 100% sure your boat is safe and performing the best it can you need it or at least barrow a friends.

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    Hey gus if you go with a stock ecu 1rude use 42 and set your rrfpr at 60-62 and your wot a/f willbe at 12-12.2. If you go 2rude you will need 48-50# injectors for sure. Todd

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    I think that having a way of reading AF is a must. When you go big boost you gota get the fuel right or sumin is going to go bang quick. Also no offence to any1s opinion on this but things like intake and exhaust differences can make big difference to what AF ratio you get, also what temps you run in, what altitude. People up high can get away with just the RRFPR and rude1 where as people at sea level have to run 42s + RRFPR to get the right fueling. My point is that i dont think that you can just trust what some1 else is running to be OK. Unless you boat is the same in all details and you run in the same place. If it were me i would still wana check it tho. R88

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    I would highly reccommend to set your ski up with a AFR gauge and run a fuel regulator that you can adjust.
    Safest and easiest by far.

    Use fuel reg that can adjust with all setups.
    Stock ecu setup go with 42s with rude1 and you shoud have room to tune.
    Stock ecu setup go with 48s or 50s with 2rude and you should have room to tune.

    With after market ecu I would think would need to run 50s with rude1 and probably bigger injectors with 2rude but i have no experience with ecu mod so just guessing.

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    I have a very very good RUDE 1 charger for sale pm me if you interested.

    Also have few other goodies you might like that will wake you set up.
    RR Intercooler
    RR ECU 8350
    RUDE RRFPR (new) not sure if i need this as yes.

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    i run the rude 1 with the rude fuel controler and 50's no A/F guage its a old set up and it works can b set up for stock ecu or a rotax ecu another way if u dont want a A/F guage is the riva ecu and 50's and no riseing rate, a A/F gauge is nice but there r other proven set up with out it

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