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    little help for little money

    I got a 2004 RXP 1500 suprecharged and intercooled and the knock sensor has been updated i was wondering what i can do for alittle money to get just a bit more out of it i get the most awsome bottom end and would like a little more top end is there a way to get both ????now with 2 bars left int he fuel and the update i get 67 to 68 outta of it max wouldn't mind hitting 70 each time i go out !!!! any help would be great ? thanks stanger

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    Visit the online store of this site and get a stage one kit.todd

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    Change washers is SC to metal first. How much is a little moneywise?

    DIY 4 inch intake $100
    Green wheel (used) $400 + $100 for Jerry to istall it and washers
    Riva rear exhaust kit $260 (needed for external IC)
    Fizzle XS intercooler $430

    To use all that you would also want a few other things. New prop, rrfpr, pump wedge, etc. With just a 4 inch intake and a used Green wheel you will gain noticable low end and probably 2-3 mph top end with a tweaked stock prop.

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    An off-the-shelf Riva Stage 1 would do that for pretty cheap. Then, be sure to add...

    - Hose clamp the baler hoses.
    - Metal SC washers.
    - Fill rideplate holes.
    - Trim reverse bucket.

    If you plan on going faster in the future, my recommendation would be different.

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    Keep it simple....

    Greenwheel ($250ish used (jpeconsult had one used if he does not I do)
    4" Intake ($100)
    Bend stock prop ($40 in tools and a few minutes of reading in the how to)
    Riva Intake grate ($80 used)

    Mine went 72.8 with the above set up and was completely trouble free.

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    check your throttle cable tension. I picked up 80 rpms and over .5 mpg gain by correctly adjusting the cable. Free!

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    Like a few others have said, try the Free Mods first. Check the throttle cable, trim the reverse bucket and fill the rideplate & grate holes. See what your results are, then start spending some money... Ron

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