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    Energy & Environment: Of the People, by the People

    Energy & The Environment; Of the People, by the People

    That is what it says...go to this link:

    This is what I wrote on the form, just a few of my concerns:

    NOAA is stripping recreational access to Sanctuaries. This is costing businesses their livelihood and Americans need recreation opportunities. I am ashamed of America's Environmental attacks on recreational activities and how it has diminished my children's future to access our lands and waters, and mine. The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary just banned personal watercraft from accessing 5,000 nautical miles of Pacific Ocean. NOAA should not be regulating recreational boating opportunities, and they changed the boating definition of a Personal Watercraft. I work hard so I can choose my recreational and business pursuit. The government of the US is taking away my choices and my freedom. Please do not restrict any more of my recreational pursuits without providing sane scientific studies in these areas such as NOAA Sanctuaries. Banning a boat is not the answer, education, safety and enforcement is. America is a very conscientious convservationist country, leading all others on the globe. Personal Watercraft already have to pass strict NTSB and federal standards for reduced emissions, how can they be banned then? No more new government policies, please learn how to manage what already is in place as good stewards of the public trust. No more layers of government in my recreational pursuits. It is very un-American and leaves our children with the message that our government doesn't care about 'we the people', just 'we the environmentalists'.

    The popular fear based on environmentalism needs to be balanced with the needs of human freedoms this nation was built upon by our founding fathers. I do not feel free to pursue my recreational choices, I feel that environmental movement and associate lobbying has chosen what they believe is popular on all Americans behalf and this is not fair nor rational. Our government forgets that Americans work hard all week long to find ways on their time off to release from the pressures and stress of providing taxes and paying our bills, this is what keeps American thriving, pays for our elected officials jobs. If the public isn't happy, and there isn't fair balance, America will become unbalanced as a society and weaker as a nation within. I am not happy and feel threatened as an American by the 'fear' that is spread as guilt to those who want to do something other than stand at the shore looking at water and observing the birds, while scientists funded by our taxpayer dollars are allowed free reign to do as they please in the waters we used to be able to recreate. One extreme to another does not create a healthy society.

    Please request from President Obama to considered fair and equal recreational access to our Lands and Waters. And leave California coastal landowners alone with their private property, it is not fair to attack private landowners along the coast of California who are far better stewards than any environmental group, State Park, or government agency. The American dream was built upon achievement through hard work, a democratic process of acquiring wealth upon individual efforts. It is un American to attack landowners and tax them because they have proved the value of the American dream, and then try to seize their lands and tell them how they can and cannot develop their properties along our California coast using the environmental propaganda to stop and prevent them from managing their own property like any other American inland. This is not a fair process and in California it is another disgrace and manipulation of our founding fathers vision.

    Pretty soon the Citizens of America will need protection from the Environmental Religion.
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