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    Fluid Film in cylinders?

    I have a question.....the Honda video says that you should remove the spark plugs and put a tablespoon or two of clean engine oil in the cylinders - then bump the starter once or twice to coat the cylinder walls to prevent rust as part of the winterization procedure. So here is my question - instead of engine oil, could I just spray some Fluid Film or CRC 6-56 into the cylinders - or would this not be a good idea? Thanks for the replies!

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    any oil is better than no oil but I just sprayed some fluid film and it might go on to thick and stay on the cylinder top? I would use the same oil you use in your injection tank or if you premix then that oil
    then again! if you have a 4 stroke I would be wrong ! lol I would just use some light weight oil in that case IMHO

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    Follow what the Manual tells you.


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    Ditto engine oil's (obviously) ok and less $.

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    two stroke oil is perfect for sticks to everything.

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    Thanks for the input guys. I went with the regular Honda GN4 oil. Got her all winterized, oil changed, new plugs, fuel stabilized, battery removed and sitting on 2X4's in my basement - threw a quick charge on it and I'll do that again in a month or so....sprayed CRC 6-56 just about everywhere and plenty of fluid film on the turbo and waste if summertime would just hurry up and roll around, I'd be in business!

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