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Thread: on a budget

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    on a budget

    I'm planning on doing a stage 1 kit to my '02 gpr1200 over the winter but my main question is what upgrades can i do to my '02 gpr800?

    i've been covering the internet and my best source of info is here. you guys ROCK!!!

    so, both are stock skis. about 100hrs on each. can i do the same mods to my 800 as my 1200? is there any major difference other than the motor?

    I got all winter to do it but i would rather have the right jetski parts rather than a stinking sweater!

    any advice?

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    Welcome AJ. Use the advanced search feature.

    What is your budget?

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    the stage 1 kit from riva will set me back over 1000.00 and my 800 is cavitating pretyy bad. so... i'm thinking new impeller, intake grate and maybe a ride plate. see how that goes then anything else, after the holidays. but i was wonering if i can use old parts off my 1200 on my 800 in the meantime.

    then there's always the cosmetic aspect of things.... mew seat graphics ect...

    gotta leave a little extra for tralier repars (just in case)

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