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    15f running rough no codes

    Thanks again for the help finding sm. Not sure this is what i was expecting from a 4 str. after 20 yrs+ 2 stroking. Anyway I am experiencing #2 cyl ex temp normal 1,3,4 seem much cooler and HEAVY gas smell/white smoke from exhaust. Is this some limp mode? no codes on dash. I swapped out plugs thinking they got washed down but no help. Contacted riva about the Kawasaki 2.2 cd rom, waiting for reply. It looks like a useful tool. I have got some time before it hits water again, but this problem is renting some mental real estate. carbeurators were so easy, I guess I just revealed my age! thanks Cort

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    The cooling water passages on your #2 exhaust may be slightly clogged. Go down to an auto parts store and spend $40 on a compression tester. You may have a dead cylinder that has little or no compression and is not burning the fuel going into it.
    I just did a compression test on my 08 15F and got 265 - 270 psi on all 4 cylinders, however, anything above 230 psi should be good.

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    inj 134

    Thanks Ron. As it turns out iran it again last night. still dumping fuel and as I was about to shut it off a Fi code came up inj ,1,3,4. It turns out only #2 was firing completly. So now I must determine if it is ecu mal function or mechanical[stuck injectors] it has good compression/new plugs. AND yes supposedly it ran well for the last owner.

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    Pull out each injector and check/clean the nozzle with contact cleaner. ECU rarely goes bad on 15F. Also, there is a R/Y wire for each injector. That wire is ground (-) and they all go to the same connector which you may want to check for any corrosion.

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