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    Trim mod too much?

    When I was GPSing my ski the other day, I moved back to the superman position, first runs of the day, full tank of gas and oil, and was able to go all the way back to the limit of my arms, ran 68.8.

    Rode around to burn off most of the tank, then let the ski cool back down, ran 69. However, I could not go full super man, barely even able to lay down without starting to porpoise. Having not yet modified the trim for extra up, I'm wondering if the current amount of up trim is resulting in porpoising, then do I really want more up trim?

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    Keep in mind that other things can affect porpousing such as grate, rideplate setup and sponsons. What setup do you have?

    You may be able to try a small amount then use body position and the trim control to settle it down as the fuel load drops.

    Nice gps #s btw 68.8 on a full tank is pretty good.

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    I run a R&D aquavein grate and shredmaster plate. Lake was glass (Friday afternoon when Texans think it is cold), but almost never is. I know stock might be faster on glass, but anytime not during the week, the glass is usually anything but, especially if you run the main channel much.

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    Its worth a try, if you don't take too much off, you should be able to go the stock setting. You might end up having to run full up trim when you are heavy on gas, then "down" trim when you are running low.

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    I have to agree with paul, I would try a little off. If you do a small amount then you can always back the ball joint off a little to put back what you cut. You might also try working on your plate some to bring the tail of the plate up. If this doesnt work then you can always shim it back down. Under certain conditions mine does the same thing as yours. It will usually seattle down if I shift forward slightly. It has been less prone to do it since I trued the hull.

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    If you modify the trim then you don't have to ride in the "superman" position to get those numbers.

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    Do any of you guys that have done the trim mod race closed course?

    I'm thinking of starting in the spring, and don't want to hurt myself in racing to get an extra mph on glass.

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    I don't race CC, if you are looking to getting into CC, then I might wait on the trim mod, you will probably want as much down trim as you can get in that much chop.

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    Air trim tabs for a 15f

    does anyone know where u can get the air trim tab system from or a website?

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