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    New Racing Classes (Drag Racing)

    Just thought some peope here might be interested to know that the IJSBA has added some classes to the 2006 World Finals....

    Im calling out all you mud bug racers who think your fast.... come out to the world finals and try to earn a WORLD TITLE

    Here are just a few of the new classes:

    38. Drag Race Runabout UNLIMITED
    39. Drag Race Runabout Open
    40. Drag Race Ski Open
    41. Drag Race Junior Ski Limited
    42. Junior Ski 10-15 Slalom
    43. Ski Slalom
    44. Runabout Slalom
    45. Runabout Top Speed Run Champion

    Non Competition Awards:
    1. Best Overall Custom PWC
    2. Best Overall Custom Paint
    3. Best Overall Custom Open Trailer
    4. Best Overall Tow Vehicle
    5. Best Vintage Ski (pre 1993)
    6. Best Vintage Runabout (pre 1993)
    7. Best Recreational Lap Time

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    Flying Scotsman's Avatar
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    May 2006
    Is this for real

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    Check it out for yourself

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    where are you buddy.... its a short drive from texas!

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    Hydrotoys's Avatar
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    Mesa, AZ
    Did they mention somewhere what "unlimited" means? I bet i missed it on there.

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    Flying Scotsman's Avatar
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    May 2006
    Looks loke they are getting with the times.

    We all drag race even us slow guys.

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    I think the rules are still in a state of "flux" but I believe the unlimiteds will be anything you want as long as its safe.... carbon hulls, different motors... hopefully a truely unlimited class.

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    Site Admin Green Hulk's Avatar
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    I like the rule "run whatcha brung"

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    Happily Self-Employed WFO's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Hulk
    I like the rule "run whatcha brung"
    me too

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    They are still working out the details but here is what the IJSBA has said so far

    "There is going to be a 30ft staging area. Once the nose of the PWC breaks into the staging area, the 3-2-1 light will be activated. The Pilot (can you tell I have been to an overseas race recently?) can do whatever he wants during the 3-2-1 period but cannot leave the staging area before the green light. Drag length will be between 1/16th to 1/8th of a mile."

    The 1-2-3 light is a christmas tree just like regular drag racing.

    I guess this is supposed to be how the hydroplanes do it???

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