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    Trim tabs

    I have a chance to buy some brand new riva trim tabs for cheap ($125) Check my signature for mods done, you guys think I should pick them up? most of my riding is choppy! - thanks

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    i don't see it hurting, but for rough water riding, you can still use your stockers and be fine.

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    yes those trim tabs would be worth adding

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    thanks guys, i'll prolly just pick em up...hard to pass up for saving 45 bucks!

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    I was going to have a set of R&D's sent down to Jim. He will cut to size and put a mirror finish on. Are most of you using stock, or what setup with tabs? Or, has anyone found any difference. I currently have the stock ones. Thanks.

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    what i take from it is, the extenion of aftermarket tabs will reduce porposing in rough water, but reduce top speed on smooth water. I would imagine its because the boat cant keep the front end up as high during smooth top speed runs, some people say the R&D's are a little faster due to smoothness on the bottoms but i doubt its much of a diff either way. if u already knew all that, didnt mean to talk down to u, good luck!

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    I have a set of old Riva's from 01.. are they any different than the those being produced today?

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