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Thread: GP 760 Hookup

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    GP 760 Hookup

    I found your forum and I live on the west coast..Great site
    I have 2 1997 GP 760's (Can't afort new ski's for a few more years )
    So I have to made do for now.
    The trouble is when I ride in light chop the ski's seem to cavate and ride very nose high. I hve the stock spontons all the way down and the Ski has the after-market bars on the hull (made of metal). Also stock ride plate has been shimmed a little bit ( helped out some) and stock intake grate and stock prop.
    The motor is stock but has a primer kit (butterflys still there).
    Compression is good about 130 and still have auto lube.
    What can be done to make ski more ridable and gain a little bit more speed?
    Would flame arrestors and chokes out help? Any ideas would be helpful :P
    Thank you,

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    You could add a ride plate to the ski,they are longer and help alot on the 760,air filters,prop,there are more but it`s how much you would like to spend,hope that helps,TJ

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    I have a GP760 hull that I installed a 1200 exceiter motor in. I had to install the Riva metal trim tabs to stop the porposing, they are a pain to install but are worth it.

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