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    2005 pump swap for 2001-2002 GPR

    I'v been looking into this a little more since my boat budget will no longer cover a 05-06 1300.... i'm gonna have to resort to an ol' faithful 1200.


    would it just be a matter of buying a 2005-6 stator and swapping everything over with a new prop? would it be longer than the 01-02 OE setup?

    is there any advantage/disadvantage to using a 2002 boat for the o5 pump swap?

    i've just been a bit confused with all the talk surround the new swap with different models, i would like this thread to be a 1200 specific thread for everyone's future reference....


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    Brad you may want to talk to RX951 (billy) he can help you on this and show you where to get the parts for a low cost ..i know he did his ski not to long ago

    good luck

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    I have read through the posts and I still have some questions.
    One of the posts started with someone just wanting to replace his stator, and Pistonwash said that he gained 2 mph on an OEM 1300 pump.
    Is this all that was replaced was the stator/impellar duct ?
    I have a 2002 GPR, can't I just get the 05 GPR stator and swap it out with my OEM 2002 one? Why would I want to use the 2" extension ?
    Will the hardware on my OEM 2002 stator fit on the bolts,washers,bearings,o-rings ? I read where the 2002 drive shaft is shorter, is this a problem ?

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    O.K. never mind my earlier post. I found what I was looking for, but I want to know is on the duct,impellar has been replaced with another part number. Is this new part number going to be the same performance gain as the old one ?
    Will an old model nose cone or Wet Wolf AAT fit on the new 05 duct,impellar ?

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    You have to order a new cone.

    The old style is white plastic, the new one is cast aluminum and has a larger hub O.D.

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