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    Since everybody is on the keyway kick I thought I'd give it a try myself. We used to use the Vito Keyways on our Blaster and Banshee so I pulled out the keyways I had in my Junky shop. One thing I notice the blaster keyway is way small and will not work. But the Banshee keyway fit like a glove. Vito made 2 sizes a 4 and 7 degree I tried the 4 degree.

    So far I notice an improvements on takeoff but water was too rough to make speed runs. Used up 3 tankfull of 91 0ctane and still no issue. Hope this helps.

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    I think this has already been discussed and resulted in blown motors when the vito key was used.

    I think that it wound up giving the motors 10* more advance and led to detonation.

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    For what I take they probably used the 7 degree keyway. When I get a chance I will measure my timing with keyway on.

    Rode all weekend in rough water, used up 3 tankfull of 91 octane gas. Did compression test when I got home tonight all 3 jugs has 145 cc.

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    Why wasn't this so called MIRACLE KEYWAY never mentioned by anyone until FERCHO came out with his TESTED version?

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    The Keyway is not really a miracle Its been used for at least 15 yrs that I know off. We used it on Dirt bikes, Go Kart, and & 4 wheelers. There are several ways to increase Timing on motors this is just one way.

    I'm not trying to take credit or offend anybody just sharing info. Yes Fercho was the one who brought it up on this forum and he is the Inovator for this mod as well and many others. Just trying to return the favor. Seems like a lot of people are trying advanced timing and there's lots of questions. Thought I'd share my Findings using the Keyway that Fercho started.

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    backwash, thanks for the posts. This is the kinda of info that keeps the forum going!

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    This sounds like a very inexpensive way to advance the timing (what a couple bucks). I would be afraid myself to throw it out so many degrees this way full time. How far would be too far?

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