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    Extended nozzles! AHHHH

    Ok, so there are 85's, 87's, 92's?!? The r&d reduction nozzle claims an increase of 1mph, anyone have an input on ones they've put on their ski? I've got almost a stage 2 riva, less the head.

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    Ok, so there are 85's, 87's, 92's?!?
    Not sure if there is some confusion, but there is a difference between a reduction nozzle and a steering nozzle.

    85 / 87 refers to the reduction nozzle

    92 refers to the steering nozzle

    the first part is the reduction (exit nozzle)
    the last peice is the steering nozzle

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    thanx RX, i guess i was a bit confused to that extent...and thanx also for the other post letting me know not to waste my time. (I really appreciate any and all input whether it bursts my bubble or not!) The steering nozzle is the one that supposedly add 1 full mph over stock --- LOOK! ---

    scroll alllll the way down on that new products page...look at that claim! anyone else got some input?

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    I would just stay with the stock nozz.

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    wouldnt this relate to how Skat Trak has reduction rings for both their nozzles, the smaller the opening the more excelleration, larger for more top end? The smaller opening will result in higher initial pressures out of the nozzle but if your engine/prop cant keep up with the added load at higher rpms- i would assume a drop in rpms and a loss in top end speed is possible...


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    we did that on an fercho said..dont waste your speed gain at just looks purty.

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    If you get a replacement, Get a XLT 12mm+ or a GPR 20mm+ Protec extended. I have seen the stockers break!!!

    Someone still has not paid me for the ProTec Nozzle they got from me at a Texaco out of Nasa Road 1 over a 1.5 years ago!

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    thanx so much for the help guys, the nozzle is a NOOOO! ride safe

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    Quote Originally Posted by RXPStAlKeR
    The steering nozzle is the one that supposedly add 1 full mph over stock
    I tested the R&D steering nozzle back-to-back with the stock nozzle and 'lost' 1 full mph over the stock nozzle on my ski. Other's gained better speeds, so I guess it depends on the ski.

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