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    Tested my 14/21 SB today

    I used to have an I-cut 14/20 depitched to a 13/19, but I finally got out to the lake today to try my new Riva 14/21 SB. I was supposed to work today, but the temp. was 63 degrees and the sun was out and I just had to say *%#$ it. With a full tank of gas I saw 74.5 mph on my GPS and was very excited because that is the best full tank speed I have ever had.
    I was thinking "Oh yeh, I'm gonna see 76 today", but I was denied. After I rode for an hour I was down to 2 bars and I was ready for some more speed runs, but the wind picked up and I couldn't find that highly coveted glass smooth water. I did manage to find some 2" ripple but when I would shift my weight to the back and hit a puny 3" wave the ski would come out of the water. The best I could get was 75.0 mph and that was with the trim one click down from nuetral, the full tank speed was attained 2 clicks down from nuetral. Well any way I am happy with the new prop because the holeshot has improved. Now if I shotgun from idle with the trim in nuetral the boat leaps out of the water, so I have to trim up at hole shot and then bring it down. I was spinning the 14/21 at 7200-7230 rpms which surprised me a little because I thought I would see a bigger drop in rpms, but I am not complaining.
    Next week my new ride plate from Jim's Performance will be here and I am very pumped about replacing the Pro-Tec I have now.

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    cool to see lots of people testing different props these days. There is a shit-load of speed in the correct pitch.

    I bet you could see an extra MPH with a slightly steeper prop---BUT the problem would be in the summertime heat when the rpms are so hard to find. So it could be that your 7200rpms today are actually perfect. Summer heat can cause a huge loss in rpms for many of these boats. So being too "high" in the cooler months may not be such a bad thing.

    Good job.

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    bud if running protec plate now you will very happy with new setup

    pm me with setup you have

    later cd

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    Glad to here new results testing diffrent things, Thanks for the info Rich good job keep up the good work Great #'s

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