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    Code 67 (stepping motor stuck open)

    Hi I am get this error code now & again if I let off the throttle & turn the bars

    According to the manual the stepper motor is sticking open.
    I think this motor pulls open the throttle when the the ski is going fast & the bars are turned.

    Can anything be done to fix this motor, or can a replacement be bought?
    I looked at the riva parts site & this part wasnt listed only the complete throttle bodies

    Please help

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    check the screw and nut that is on your oem handlebar that goes to your throttle trigger. Is the cable so tight that it's being pulled when turning? Might be worth a look to see if there is some slack in the trigger vs. when the cable is actually being pulled.

    Other than that, you might want to have a dealer take a look. Shouldn't be anything serious.

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