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    Help rebuilding a 98 GP800

    Hello all,

    I have a 1998 GP800 that is completely apart. I was racing it back in 99, and did some mods to it. I hydrolocked the engine in freshwater and went home. I tore out the motor to get the water out and opene up the crankcase then liberally sprayed it down with oil and anti-water sprays.

    Its been sitting there for about 5 years.
    Well I have 2 '05 GP1300R's and got back into the jetski scene after a long hiatus. I know the GPR's arent excatly the best boat to play in the surf. I've decided to get my GP800 back together and I need some help.

    What do I need to do to prep the engine for reassembly? Should I coat it with something and let it sit?

    Would I need to clean the cylinder walls, cylinders, ets? And if so what should I use?

    I have the manual for it allready, so is there anything else I would need.

    Thanks for the help.


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    Post some pics so we can see the condition of the engine internals.

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    Check that crank out and make sure the bearings are not rusted,..if they, you need to send it off to be re-built. I personally would do it to be safe anyway.

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    Definately have the crank rebuilt or replaced.
    If you hydrolocked it it needs work.
    What all was damaged 5 years ago.
    Crank work a fresh top end and a carb rebuild should get you running.
    I f the engine was not run after clearing out the ingested water assuming that rods were not bent etc,
    5 years sitting with just a little water in those bearings and you have a problem.
    Crank could be twisted bad also.

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