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    Corrosion Inhibitors / Spray Lubricants

    Blocking corrosion with an anti-corrosion compound is important to stop existing corrosion and prevent new.

    These products must be unique in that it can be designed for use in electrics and electronics as well as metals and structures.

    These products are also essential for your day-to-day routine maintenance of the long-term asset protection of our boats/equipment within the harsh marine environment that we all ride in.

    These products can be found at your local hardware store or boating supply centers.

    For the brand loyal customers, your local motorcycle shop also carries make specific corrosion sprays under their name, Yamaha, Bombardier, Kawasaki ect.....A bit more expensive due to dealer pricing, but still does the primary purpose of protection against corrosion.

    ~ Lowe's
    ~ Home Depot
    ~ Boaters World
    ~ Walmart
    ~ E-bay
    ~ Auto-Zone
    ~ O'Reilly
    ~ Pep-Boys

    Corrosion Block

    Corrosion Pro

    Amsoil silicone spray

    LPS Lubricant

    3M Lubricant

    Gunk spray lubricant

    STP Silicone lubricant

    Liquid Wrench

    McLube SailKote

    CRC 6-56 Marine Lubricant

    Fluid film

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    great information Billy!!

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    you have a photo for everything.....!!!

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    I love that Silicone spray !!!

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