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    What ski is best to build from...1200 or 1300?

    Last spring I bought a modded 01 1200r. After 5 hours the rear piston imploded. This also ruined the cylinder. I had the cylinder/piston replaced and went through a 5 hour break in at low RPM. The following day, it blew up at 5,400. The ski has sat all winter and now needs to be fixed as my friends got RXP's. I am wandering now, how to go about fixing this ski. I am not sure whether to start from scratch with a 1300r or fix mine. This is a list of mods.

    ADA Head 40cc Domes ( 3/8 Cooling Lines ) ( 150lbs Compression Valves Down)
    Pro Tec Reed Stuffer
    Stock Reeds
    Stock Reed Cages
    R&D Power Plenum Flame Arrestor
    Additional Water Bypass Installed. Stinger Flange Drilled/Tapped. Routed to Rear of Ski. Jetworks 3/8” Pro Flow Control Valve T’d From #1 Cylinder Cooling Line Routed to Lower Stinger Flange. ( Set to open at 5000 rpm approx. Based on pump pressure)
    3-1 Exhaust Manifold Deburred/Polished I.D./Gasket Matched
    First Expansion Pipe Deburred/Polished I.D./Gasket Matched
    Exhaust Horseshoe Pipe Deburred/Polished I.D. 60%/Gasket Matched
    Lower Flange Deburred/Polished
    RIVA Free Flow Tube
    Solas 13/20 out of the box
    Skat Trak Impeller Boot
    Impros Pro Cone Impeller Boot
    Skat Trak Wear Ring
    Pump Blueprinted/Polished/Vanes Sharpened
    R&D Pump Plug Kit
    RIVA SIngle Bar Intake Grate
    Pump Shoe and Intake Grate shimmed down .015”
    XLT 3 Deg Reduction Nozzle Bilge Siphon and Visibilty Tube removed
    R&D 3 Deg Pump Cone
    R&D Auto Drop Nozzle
    R&D Ride Plate
    R&D G Force Sponsons ( Mounted full down and back)
    Stock Trim Tabs
    Renthal Grips ( Medium Grip )
    RIVA Duck Bill Quick Drains
    Hydro-Turf Mats and Seat Cover
    RIVA Bow Spray Deflector
    2) 45 deg Water Bypass Fitting Installed Rear Side Hull
    WAVEATER Valve clips
    FLY Motocross bars
    UMI finger throttle @ 5 Degree

    Thigs I am curious about are what Crank to get, pistons, or go to a bog bore. The ski was supposed to come with a RD CDI, but I bought it out of state and didn't look while I was there. I am curoius as to which one of these mods are positive and which ones are slowing me down. I know it was a closed course ski before I got it. Ideally, I would like to get 75 mph out of the ski if this is the one I keep. I am located very close to a member who knows skis inside and out, but I am just wanting opinions. Any help would be great. This is my second ski and I am learning quickly, just need some guidance. Thanks

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    Focal before you take it apart we need to determine what cause the failure and pressure testing the cooling system and engine is the way to start, then we nee dto take a look at the pistons .

    Who did you buy this ski from???

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    That was quick...I got the ski from quickmick. I am not sure if you konw who Dave Sharpe from Louisville is...i think his name is DA_VDMAN, but he lives down the road. This was his suggestion as well.

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    I HAVE SEEN THAT SKI AND IT IS A NICE ONE, Mick is a good guy I just dont know how "Quick" he is

    What was determined to be the cause of first seizure and which piston was it??

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    UNDETERMINED!!!! Lets just say I didn't know much and thought I had a bad carb, well the carbs were rebuilt and it happened again...Shows how much I thought I knew at the time. By the way Fercho, you have lots of good info on the posts I have been looking at here and at other sites. The motor is coming out of the ski now.

    Sorry, it was the rear cylinder

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    could have been many things, one being water intrusion, or maybe an oil pump failure. I hope that you find out what happened.

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    would be nice to see piston(lack of lube or detno.?) you may what to check fuel press at speed also OR could be crank out of index

    O what fun/golf looking better every day
    later cdpcb

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    im with john, could have been a number of things - possibility of oil pump failure, intake leak anywhere, water intrusion, also - maybe the mid-rpm seizure could point to a lean condition?

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    Thanks for the help guys. We can rule out oil pump failure, b/c I forgot to mention that its blocked off and I am premixing. I run a 32:1 amsoil mixture. I am to the point now that I want to rebuild the entire motor. I would like to go with a t/w crank and work up. Assuming the case is fine, that would be my starting point. I would like to maintain stock carbs, although the IR carb mods interest me. I am not sure what they consist of, but its definately in the works if everyone agrees it is a good investment. As for the rest of the engine, its up in the air. I have not been a long time member, but I try to read the post several times a week. With the knowledge on the board, I feel as though I can build a reliable ski that can run with anything at our local riding spot. Does anyone have an idea of what if anything on my ski is slowing me down. It handles great, but I am not at all happy with topend. Being as I only rode it for a few hours, I did not get a chance to GPS it. Anyone with input is greatly thanked and maybe one day I can be of help to someone else. Thanks

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    Focal here are pdf documents that I created that will guide you on rebuilding your carbs, engine and others. There is actually no need to have the carbs modified. I am sure that Mick had them done already!!!

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