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    With all this recent "reinterest" in modified rideplates and due to the recent friendly business competition, we will be having a meeting with our machinist an go over all new ( lower ) pricing on our rideplate modifications.
    We do have a quite a few customers plates at the shop at this time with work already in progress--- be patient as the new pricing will be applied.

    Just a reminder, We were the first discover the benefits of modifing GPR rideplates back in 2000 with the introduction of the GPR---Believe it or not the plates caught a lot of $hit, even being called "hack plates"--- now look every one ( at least those who want to go fast ) has to run one to keep up with the game.
    Also due to requests from customers we ( as we stated in an earlier post ) will be offering different "levels" of mods which will be described on our site.

    Thanks to all for the support over the years. As always, even though things get hectic, we try to maintain the best possible customer and product support and maintain customer relations. And, as in the past, we will continue to offer our "free" technical support whenever possible.

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    Thats good timing for me, my plate should be there tuesday

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