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Thread: vf3 results

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    vf3 results

    Fitted vf3 reeds, stuffers and spacer plate. Took out to test and was really disappointed, there was only 10rpm increase from last test which was in same location but if anything better condition this time.
    Had efi high speed at 1 (or closed) last test, started at 2.5 this test and dropped 20rpm from original.
    Gradually turned it down and rpm slowly got higher until it was at 1 again with only 10rpm increase from original. This was not what i was expecting from this mod.
    Before i fitted reeds took pic of aligment of stuffers which seemed to be not good although i understood they came ready to fit.
    Could the stuffer be restricting the air fuel flow??
    Could this be the problem??
    Had protec stuffer in before this mod and the throttle bodies joint(think thats what its called) and stuffers aligment was alot better.
    The white area behind the plate is the plastic stuffer which does not match the plate.
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    Didnt anyone tell you to pre-fit them when you bough them or gave you any instructions???

    That cage was not properly cut, You can clearly see that the suffer has more material to the bottom than on top.

    The cages should give you between 80 to 120 RPM gain. Your results do suck after spending all that money.

    How manu gasket did you use?? Do all the cages look the same???

    Who did you buy those from???

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    No didnt know anything about that was told it was a complete package ready to fit. No instruction installation either.
    Just seemed strange to me at the time these did not lign up, thought that was the point of stuffers.
    Would this be the problem.

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    See the way the white plastic stuffer hangs over into the port. You should have been instructed (thought this was common knowledge by now) to open up the center portion so there is nothing to block a smooth flow. Still you should have picked up more than 10 rpms. Did you check the surface of the cage/spacer to make sure there is a flat fit ?

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    Because I am the originator of the V-Force 3 cage setup and I sell them myself, I will never answer or comment on questions of a set sold that someone else put together. This time I will make an exemption.

    Were longer bolts recommended to be used??

    Give me a call 713-875-1812

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    Have to come back on this one, work calls
    I aint happy

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    I think theres a pic in this thread of where to trim.

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    Howestek, Didnt you get some cages???

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    Good Lord Yambo! Yeah, you got to pull that crap back off and do some grinding. Yeaouch!!!

    Also, an exacto knife is great for those touchups?

    Who sold that to you?

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    Actually Markus a fine round file or a dremmel will do wonders!!!!!!!

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