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    stage II kit questions

    well installed the full island stage II on my ski and got gps reading of 68.5 and 68.8 were the fastest i got..i was riding in a lake no chop about 70 degree weather and im spinning 7220 rpm's you guys any input..thanks

    R &D intake grate
    " " rideplate
    R & D d-plate
    pro tec reed stuffers
    R & d power plenum
    14/20 solas prop
    R & D heads
    girdled hardware kit


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    Sounds like something is definantly wrong. Probably the EFI settings. Call Carl and talk with him.

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    Call Carl and talk with him.

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    He must be out of the shop today as I called him to f/u on my V Force Reeds, should be back Monday, Bill

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    What exactly does the kit consist of????

    That is way too slow!!! How fast was it before???

    What is f/u ????

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    yo was about 65.4 around there..the kit has everything like rivas except for trim tabs, sponsons, free flow and power core..oh yea pro tec stuffers instead of boyseen..i dont know what to do no idea..thanks


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    the funny thing is that Tim Judge put it together for him, tuned it, rode it at 68 --and said that some boats are just faster than others.

    Oh well. I can tell you something is bad wrong there. Stock 05's and 06's are running 66-mph all day long right off the showroom floor. I could put a ride plate on AMY's boat bone stock and get a better number than that.

    Not saying that the boat won't go fast - but I AM SAYING THAT SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE!!!! That boat should be pushing 73 at least.

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    If you have the air intake from R&D you need the D-plate. The cat could be costing you! What EFI setting do you have? I have ABOUT the same package and I'm over 71!

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    give me a ring. I'll talk to you, I am backed up in calls today leave a message if you get my voice mail!!!!! 713-875-1812

    How does it handle???

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    i have the d plate my efi settings are 1-2-8-2 thats what TJ set when we went riding today..thanks


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