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    COLD weather storage tips!

    To add to RQs post:
    -use 100% antifreeze in both the 951 and 800. It will dilute to the perfect ratio with the water trapped in the cylinders.

    -for other than an XPL; stand the seat up 180* on the pads/tips to drain. Continue (in sun if poss.) until the puddles dry.

    -it is NOT required to winterize the water box, pipe or hoses. Any ice that forms will just slide around.

    -insert a stainless steel pot-scrubber in the exhaust outlet(looks like steel wool and avail in all commercial kitchens) . This keeps critters out of your water-box. Yes, I've blown mommy mouse and her babies onto the launch.

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    I winterised my xp 951 by tipping a 50/50 petrol two stroke oil mix down each spark plug hole. Maybe half a cup full each.

    Let it stand for half an hour and turned it over with plugs out so it couldn't hygraulic.

    Then put plugs in and fired her up for 10 seconds.

    After the winter i had to split the crankcases (before running the ski on the water) due to another issue and i can safely say that this technique works real well. Before i split them i ran the motor for a couple of seconds just to make sure it would go.

    Smoked a lot but started alright.

    Every bearing was dripping in oil. Really happy this technique works well

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    Sticky material!

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