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    RXP Hi temp warning

    Hey all! Hope you had a happy 4th of July!

    I managed to put 9 hours on the RXP this weekend. It was a blast.

    Several times this weekend the display would read Hi Temp and the buzzer would sound. I would be lapping it around in circles at full throttle when it would go off. The engine temp never read above 90 degrees, so it didn't make sense. I would just stop for a second and it would go off. Am I missing something here?


    EDIT: I just saw the other post about the RXT. Somehow I glanced over it before writing this.

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    That is not your engine temp you are reading on the instrument cluster. That is outside temp

    Engine temp is more like 190 degrees.

    I'm really not sure whats going on with your high temp though. Is the coolant level appropriate?

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    This is the same thing that happens on my rxt.
    I'll spin around and the hi temp goes off.
    If I go straight at full throttle right after it doesn't go back on. Makes me think it's not really hi temp.

    Just wish I could figure out what is setting it off....

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    Friend had the same issue on his RXT

    Turned out to be exhaust temp warning, and was the result of the nossel not being fitted correctly, resulting in lower pump pressure and thus lower exhaust coolent pressure... only happened when on full throttle.

    The other cause could be mud/sediment in the exhaust cooling holes..

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    I saw where someone posted this on riva(below). Does anyone think these make since .....
    I have put the wedge on and a free flow but this also happened when I first got the ski. I can just keep spinning out then all I hear is beeeeep and high temp on display. I'm not sure if it's cutting my power or engine.
    Should I call the seadoo dealership, is it a bad sensor ? The seadoo isn't but a month old.

    FLRXP Posted June 20, 2005 02:03 PM
    Your jumping is sloshing or blowing out the water in the waterbox ( muffler). During this time, hot exhaust from the manifold is heating up the liquid temperature sensor located on the exhaust IN pipe on the waterbox .... alarming and giving you an indication.

    Until your waterbox fills with water again, the engine saves itself by cutting the power. Continued jumping in this manner increases the percentage of detonation to the waterbox muffler.

    once bitten Posted July 02, 2005 11:05 AM
    I had a similar problem, removed the exhaust pipe. Blew air through the cooling passages of the pipe, reinstalled and no more alarm.

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    The 2004 RXP used to use the fixing bolts from the transport crate to fix the nossel to the pump when assembled... the 2005 RXP's and RXT's need those bolts replaced with longer threaded ones... the dealers have be informed of this but I know of at least one that didn't follow the correct procedure and used these package bolts on a 2005 ski. These bolts cannot be tightened enough becasue of the thread length, alowing the nossel to flex and twist.

    The resulting symptom was h-temp warning alarm and reduced performance... when taken back to another dealer this fault was spotted, but too late for the nossel fell apart when the incorrect bolts were removed!

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    Could the way I put the wedge on have effected it ?
    The wedge kit came with longer bolts for the bottom but not the top.

    Wedge kit seem like a solid install not sure where I could have gone wrong. I even siliconed the plate.

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    I called my local seadoo dealership and the service guy says he has heard of this. He said the rxt seems to do it more than the rxp.
    His explanation was that when the seadoo is slipping out of the water from the 360's it is injesting air and when the air bubbles get into the cooling pipes and it heats up the pipes. The pipes is where the sensor is and it reads as high. He said that it's not the engine that is getting hot but the pipes. He said he had called seadoo and they explained to him.

    Wish their was a fix or someway to just move the sensor.... like maybe next to the engine (seems like it makes too much sense).

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    Moral of the story is don't do 360's, donuts, etc?

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    Basically he said they weren't designed for it.

    I think when I get the intake grate it will fix it since it will suck more water.
    I have the wedge on and slipping the water leaves my pump dry.

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