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    High temperature warning alarm , HELP

    I'll drive my rxt for about a 30 minute cruise. Probably going WOT the whole time. Then after about 30 minutes all start doing spin outs and jumping my own wakes. Then all of sudden during a spin out the "HIGH TEMP" displays and red light turns on along with an annoying beep for about 5-10 seconds. I stop the beep goes away. If I spin out it goes off again. If I just WOT and do a straight shot it never goes off again even if I go WOT for another 30 minutes.

    Is my BUDS screwed up.

    It seems to be when I spin out the high temp alarm goes off if I've been driving for awhile.

    I have a stock RXT, except for free flow exhaust. (haven't put the power filter on yet).

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    If you spin the prop out of the water too much, that will happen.

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    could be your heat sensor going bad happened to me its the sensor bye waterbox

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